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01.BattleTech: Redemption Rites

BattleTech: Redemption Rites
by Catalyst Game Labs

OUT FOR BLOOD… Wolf's Dragoons, the most storied and elite mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere, has been utterly shattered for the first time in its centuries-long history. In 3151, most of the Dragoons listened to Marotta Kerensky and followed Alaric Ward to Terra. There, they helped him destroy the Republic of the Sphere and establish the ilClan. Four out of five Dragoons died...   [click here for more]
02.KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding, Volume 2

KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding, Volume 2
by Kobold Press

Learn to Build Worlds with Titans of Fantasy and Tabletop! The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, Volume 2, features 15 stars of tabletop roleplaying games and fantasy fiction, including Gail Simone, Keith Baker, Veronica Roth, Ken Liu, Kate Elliott, Mike Shea, Tobias S. Buckell, Shanna Germain, Gabe Hicks, the Dungeon Dudes (Monty Martin & Kelly McLaughlin), Jeff Grubb, and more. Middle-Earth,...   [click here for more]
03.Flashbang! A Collection of Very Short Stories | Volume III

Flashbang! A Collection of Very Short Stories | Volume III
by Storytelling Collective

Flashbang! is a collection of short fiction written during the February 2022 Flash Fiction February challenge hosted by the Storytelling Collective. Authors were given a daily prompt and encouraged to write whatever they felt inspired to write—as long as their stories were no longer than 500 words. We've compiled our favorite stories to share with...   [click here for more]
04.RuneQuest Companion

RuneQuest Companion
by Chaosium

THE COMPANION is a sourcebook of articles, stories, and pictures useful to or entertaining to RuneQuest referees and players alike; its wide variety of subjects and forms will stimulate new adventures in any campaign or fill up quiet evenings at home. The Companion fills a void left by the demise of Wyrms Footnotes, a magazine dedicated at the last solely to RQ articles; it was then the best...   [click here for more]
05.Trinity Continuum: Panopticon

Trinity Continuum: Panopticon
by Onyx Path Publishing

Three months ago, Boston’s city defenders, the Bulwarks, met a tragic end. Two of their members died in a mysterious flash, and the third nova, Daystar, went missing. The head Directive intelligence agent on the case turned up dead a few weeks later, after sending his team a particularly cryptic communication. Now, operative Alina Vaughn and her cell race to finish the work their colleague started....   [click here for more]
06.BattleTech Legends: Masters of War

BattleTech Legends: Masters of War
by Catalyst Game Labs

A CLASH OF WARRIORS… As Clan Wolf launches a daring campaign of reprisal against the splintering Republic, three warriors will find their destinies intertwined on the field of battle and in the fight for their futures... Alaric is a living legend among the Wolves: fearless, merciless, ruthless. But his own lust for victory may mean his undoing, unless he learns to see beyond himself—and recognize...   [click here for more]
07.Normal Tarot

Normal Tarot
by Seven Thirteen Books

The Normal Tarot, in all its glory. For help reading this deck, consider buying the companion book, How to Normal Tarot. This is the second printing of the deck, and unlike the original printing does not come with silvered edges or a deck box. The simple reason being that this printer doesn't make deck boxes large enough for this behemoth of a tarot deck.  - The full 99 card deck,...   [click here for more]
08.Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

Stafford Library - Arcane Lore
by Chaosium

Arcane Lore Arcane Lore reveals a vast treasure trove about Heroquesting in Glorantha. Collected from almost 30 years of questing, this book, first published in 2006, explores the philosophy, mechanics, and practice of Heroquesting from a multitude of viewpoints and angles. Although much of the material was written for RuneQuest, other parts were used in the development of Hero Wars and HeroQuest....   [click here for more]
09.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #8 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #8 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)
by Catalyst Game Labs

STAY FROSTY! Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine delivers tales of tragedy and triumph amid the struggles of BattleMechs on the battlefields of the 31st century and beyond! A spurned Solaris gladiator enacts a unique brand of payback. A Federated Suns mission to take down the infamous “Lady Death” Trevaline runs afoul of pirate ingenuity. A ex-mercenary...   [click here for more]
10.Stafford Library - Glorious Reascent of Yelm

Stafford Library - Glorious Reascent of Yelm
by Chaosium

The Foundation Document of Dara Happa This is a translation of the manuscript copy kept in the Temple of Yelm in Alkoth. The copy was made circa 111260 YS by an anonymous court scribe of the Emperor of Dara Happa. Thus it is not precisely Plentonius' "original work," but a copy made 40 years later. A later copyist added the marginal glosses, shown herein as footnotes. In bad editorial form, some of...   [click here for more]
11.BattleTech: Elements of Treason: Duty

BattleTech: Elements of Treason: Duty
by Catalyst Game Labs

ABANDONED BY THE ARCHON… Once the founding capital and a vital planet in the Lyran Commonwealth, Arcturus has been held by the Clans for more than two decades, most recently by the Jade Falcons. But when the Falcons suddenly abandon the planet in early 3151, Arcturus is left to fend for itself, with no support from Archon Trillian Steiner or former-Commonwealth worlds. For Hauptmann-General...   [click here for more]
12.KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding

KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding
by Kobold Press

The Essential Elements for Building a World Roleplaying games and fantasy fiction are filled with rich and fascinating worlds: the Forgotten Realms, Glorantha, Narnia, R'lyeh, Middle-Earth, Barsoom, and so many more. It took startling leaps of imagination as well as careful thought and planning to create places like these: places that readers and players want to come back to again and again. Now,...   [click here for more]
13.Dark Origins - the Collected Novellas vol 1

Dark Origins - the Collected Novellas vol 1
by Aconyte Books

The Ancient Ones are coming to consume our world, and only the bold investigators of Arkham Horror stand in their way, in this chilling collection of eldritch novellas. Includes the following stories: Hour of the Huntress by Dave Gross – the mysterious disappearance of dilettante Jenny Barnes' beloved sister triggers a frantic search through Arkham's darkest shadows. The...   [click here for more]
14.Rokugan: The Art of the Legend of the Five Rings [PRE-ORDER]

Rokugan: The Art of the Legend of the Five Rings [PRE-ORDER]
by Aconyte Books

Stunning art and illustration from the Japanese-inspired fantasy realms of Rokugan, setting for the famed Legend of the Five Rings series of games. For more than a quarter of a century, Rokugan has provided the setting for one of tabletop gaming’s most beloved sagas, the Legend of the Five Rings. Now, the land of Rokugan, its Imperial rulers and the Great Clans who vie for their favor are set center-stage...   [click here for more]
15.Stafford Library - Revealed Mythologies

Stafford Library - Revealed Mythologies
by Chaosium

A Collection of Mythologies of the Western, Southern, and Eastern Lands of Glorantha Revealed Mythologies details the mythologies of the Malkioni (westerners), Vithelans (Easterners), and Doraddi (Pamaltelans) of Glorantha, which previously have been obscured by the mythology of Central Genertela. Each section of the book provides the core mythologies of these powerful and important cultures,...   [click here for more]
16.Under Fortunate Stars

Under Fortunate Stars
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

Two Ships. One Chance To Save The Future. Fleeing the final days of the generations-long war with the alien Felen, smuggler Jereth Keeven’s freighter the Jonah breaks down in a strange rift in deep space, with little chance of rescue—until they encounter the research vessel Gallion, which claims to be from 152 years in the future. The Gallion’s chief engineer Uma Ozakka...   [click here for more]
17.The Glorantha Sourcebook

The Glorantha Sourcebook
by Chaosium

A Guide to the Mythic Fantasy World of Glorantha The Glorantha Sourcebook is an essential resource for Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha, one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, Glorantha has inspired roleplaying games, board games, computer games, comics, fiction, and more, a setting beloved and revered worldwide....   [click here for more]
18.Stafford Library - The Entekosiad

Stafford Library - The Entekosiad
by Chaosium

The Entekosiad The Entekosiad is a collection of stories told by a person who went seeking Entekos, the Pelandan goddess of the atmosphere who rains blessings down upon mortals. Valare Addi was the seeker, who mistook her goddess Teelo Estara to be the same as Entekos. She lost her life seeking the truth, but with the help of the goddess she returned from death and became a famous Lunar Saint. She...   [click here for more]
19.Leviathans: Armored Skies

Leviathans: Armored Skies
by Catalyst Game Labs

IT IS THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE… At the beginning of the 20th century, the world was forever changed by the discovery of electroid, a strange liquid that allowed for lighter-than-air travel. Militaries around the world rushed to develop new vessels based on this amazing invention, resulting in a class of flying ships unlike anything ever seen before…the leviathan. Now, the skies are...   [click here for more]
20.Saint Death's Daughter

Saint Death's Daughter
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

Nothing complicates life like Death. Lanie Stones, the daughter of the Royal Assassin and Chief Executioner of Liriat, has never led a normal life. Born with a gift for necromancy and a literal allergy to violence, she was raised in isolation in the family’s crumbling mansion by her oldest friend, the ancient revenant Goody Graves. When her parents are murdered, it falls on Lanie and her cheerfully...   [click here for more]
21.BattleTech: Onslaught: Tales from the Clan Invasion!

BattleTech: Onslaught: Tales from the Clan Invasion!
by Catalyst Game Labs

Onslaught! In 1990 Michael A. Stackpole's novel Lethal Heritage introduced readers to the Clans, genetically enhanced MechWarriors from beyond the Periphery who returned to the Inner Sphere to conquer the Successor States. With advanced BattleMechs and unstoppable skills, they crushed all who stood in their way — changing the BattleTechuniverse forever. Now, in Onslaught:...   [click here for more]
22.The Best Revenge

The Best Revenge
by Untreed Reads Publishing

“It’s good to be ambitious. Only remember, the nearer you get to the front of the line, the more people with knives can see your back.” That’s Louie Riller giving advice to his son, Ben, who happens to be the most successful producer on Broadway. Louie Riller himself happens to be long dead. “Joan of Arc heard voices,” Ben Riller’s secretary tells him. “Why shouldn’t you?” But...   [click here for more]
23.The Heart of Iuchiban [PRE-ORDER]

The Heart of Iuchiban [PRE-ORDER]
by Aconyte Books

Return to the world of Legend of the Five Rings: Adventures in Rokugan, in this fantasy adventure pitting noble samurai against a forgotten evil corrupting the whole realm Something is wrong in the Emerald Empire. The emperor is ailing, the court is weak and the Great Clans threaten to escalate their petty squabbling into all-out war. But in the shadows, another threat lurks...   [click here for more]
24.Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design

Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design
by Kobold Press

Got Questions About RPG Design? Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Michael Stackpole, and other industry veterans have the answers you asked for...and the advice you need! Get ready to create great new adventures, monsters and magic for your RPG campaign! The Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design offers 240 pages of in-depth essays on what makes RPGs tick. Get...   [click here for more]
25.The Worlds of Android

The Worlds of Android
by Fantasy Flight Games

The Worlds of Android is your definitive guide to Android setting and its unique vision of the future. A beautiful, 272-page setting guide and art book, The Worlds of Android features full-color art, stunning gatefolds, and a polyphony of narrative voices that convey the immense diversity of human experience in the rich, fictional universe made famous by Android:...   [click here for more]
26.Stafford Library - The Fortunate Succession

Stafford Library - The Fortunate Succession
by Chaosium

The Fortunate Succession is an early draft of the “Official Lunar Imperial List of Emperors“. Each of the 77 Emperors of Dara Happa are named, each with some generalized dates for their rule and notes about their reign. They are divided by dynasties. It also includes an additional longer section on Moonson, Takenegi, the reigning and ruling Glorious Red Emperor. Throughout are a series...   [click here for more]
27.BattleTech: No Greater Honor (The Complete Eridani Light Horse Chronicles)

BattleTech: No Greater Honor (The Complete Eridani Light Horse Chronicles)
by Catalyst Game Labs

TRADITIONS RUN DEEP… Most mercenary units fly flags on two flagpoles at their headquarters: one with their unit’s flag, and other bearing the flag of their current employer. However, the Third Regimental Combat Team—a.k.a. the Eridani Light Horse—leaves one flagpole bare, as a reminder of the death of the Star League, and the other pole flies the Light Horse’s unit and regimental...   [click here for more]
28.The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal

The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal
by White Wolf

And I have seen it pass sterile into textbooks, just more facts to be learned to please a stern tutor, then forgotten when the lesson is over. But the lessons of the Awakened must never end. By the divine Avatar within each of us, we are bound to history just as we are charged to create it. We, of all mortals, cannot forget what has gone before us. Nor can we shunt it into scraps of paper and shove...   [click here for more]
29.Dragon Soup for the Soul

Dragon Soup for the Soul
by Hemelein Publications

What if dragons really existed, and a clutch of prehistoric eggs was found to be viable? How can a daughter of Zeus survive a war of wills with Hera and Aphrodite? Can someone cursed by the Zodiac ever have a normal life? What happens when the fairies come with offers beyond your wildest dreams? How can you survive a class where the instructor thinks you should already know all the answers? Can...   [click here for more]
30.Dreams of Avarice

Dreams of Avarice
by Onyx Path Publishing

I do not write to beg. I do not pray to you the way your worshipers do. I do not bargain as immortals do with one another. My message is the Ax of Sutek. It cuts away your toxic desires as a surgeon amputates diseased limbs, leaving you with nothing but yourself. — The Heretic Dreams of Avarice is a personal manifesto penned by the Arisen called the Heretic. This in character...   [click here for more]
31.Haunting Shadows: The Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Anthology

Haunting Shadows: The Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Anthology
by Onyx Path Publishing

Remember those nice stories they told you about what’d happen after you died? They were wrong. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. There’s only the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top. And, somewhere in between, are scores of Restless Dead. Are you ready to join them? This collection of stories is inspired by...   [click here for more]
32.Trinity Continuum: Meridian

Trinity Continuum: Meridian
by Onyx Path Publishing

A moment of brilliant, awful light. A landscape, scoured and remade. An entire nation, simply gone. La Blessure is the graveyard of millions, a wasteland of quantum flux and devastation born from the impact of the Esperanza space station. Yet even a murdered land’s secrets cannot rest easy, and now the promise of stolen power lures a United Republic expedition into the desolation. Fallen heroes...   [click here for more]
33.Silent Knife

Silent Knife
by Onyx Path Publishing

No one would suspect that Ariadne, the cold and deadly “Silent Knife” of Prince Liliane, was once a sensitive college girl who preferred books to blades. But that life ended when her lover Andre cast her aside, into the waiting fangs of an unknown Sire who fled after the Embrace. Re-shaped by her Prince’s cruel tutelage, Ariadne has fought hard to earn her place in Liliane’s...   [click here for more]
34.Fighter Fred and the Missing Mage Mystery

Fighter Fred and the Missing Mage Mystery
by Jason A. Holt

It's time for the boss fight, but the boss isn't home. Fred and his friends charge into the city of Watergate to confront the evil wizard Blackleg. But instead of a big battle, they find an empty house. Maybe they should have made an appointment. Now our heroes are left with a mystery. Where did Blackleg go? Was he murdered? By whom? Fred is a fighter, not a mystery-solver-guy....   [click here for more]
35.The Great Clans of Rokugan - the Collected Novellas vol 1

The Great Clans of Rokugan - the Collected Novellas vol 1
by Aconyte Books

Warring samurai clans fight with swords and magic for the Emperor's favor with these collected Legend of the Five Rings novellas, including a brand-new novella of the Crane Clan. Ice and Snow by Katrina Ostrander – a surprise attack and courtly machinations challenge the untested heir to the Crane Clan to keep the peace and prove her value to her family. The...   [click here for more]
36.The Great Clans of Rokugan - the Collected Novellas vol 2

The Great Clans of Rokugan - the Collected Novellas vol 2
by Aconyte Books

Return to the epic fantasy realm of Rokugan's samurai and magic in the collected Legend of the Five Rings novellas, featuring an all-new story of the Lion Clan. Includes these incredible tales: Deathseeker by Robert Denton III – a shamed Lion Clan warrior finds a chance for redemption when she discovers a foundling with magical ancestry, whose secrets could change everything....   [click here for more]
37.The Complete Dragon Apocalypse

The Complete Dragon Apocalypse
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

The warrior known as Infidel (Princess Innocent Brightmoon, to a very, very few) is legendary - as much among the drunkards of Commonground as among heroes and bards - for her superhuman strength and skin tough as mail. Stagger, her long-time friend and closest companion, is a wastrel and a sot, but a gifted scholar. Sorrow, a powerful and possibly deranged witch, will stop at nothing - including mutilating...   [click here for more]
38.The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
by Osprey Publishing

The legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of the great tales of American folklore, supposedly stemming from Washington Irving’s famous short story. But what if there was more to the ghostly fable than meets the eye? What if Irving’s account was based on fact? And what if the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow was not unique, but merely one of a strange line of malevolent spirits sighted across...   [click here for more]
39.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #6 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #6 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)
by Catalyst Game Labs

FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine surges onward, waging wars that will decide the fate of the BattleMech-dominated future of the 31st century and beyond! Follow a quest for quick cash that yields unusual Star League relics. Commiserate with an aging MechWarrior convinced he is cursed with the devil’s luck—which is about to...   [click here for more]
40.The Beast Within Revised

The Beast Within Revised
by Onyx Path Publishing

Unseen. The Kindred Move Among Us Not merely mad beasts of lonely hunters, the vampires of the World of Darkness who call themselves The Kindred because of the blood that elementally binds them together, are dnagerously organized and cunning. They hide behind a plan they call the Masquerade so that they do not draw the attention or ire of mortals, and the society this masquerade obscures...   [click here for more]
41.Clan Novel Saga, Volume 1: The Fall of Atlanta (Novel)

Clan Novel Saga, Volume 1: The Fall of Atlanta (Novel)
by White Wolf

 A Best-Selling Saga Returns  Vivid writing and a gripping plot -- Jonathan Fesmire, SF Site The Vampire Clan Novel series broke all records for World of Darkness fiction when, throughout 1999 and 2000, it told an epic story through cross-cutting novels and carefully time-stamped chapters. Now, the entire epic is represented in four beautiful trade-format volumes. The...   [click here for more]
42.Shadowrun: Wolf & Buffalo

Shadowrun: Wolf & Buffalo
by Catalyst Game Labs

WAKING SPIRITS The Sixth World doesn’t give people much time to grow up. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there’s going to come a time when the world is going to throw you some serious curveballs, and if all you can do is bitch and moan about how you’re not ready for what’s coming your way, you’re not going to last long. Get strong, grow up, and figure out how to survive—that’s what...   [click here for more]
43.School of X

School of X
by Aconyte Books

The next generation of the astonishing X-Men grow into true super heroes against their deadliest enemies, in this wide-ranging Marvel anthology. The New Charles Xavier School for Gifted Mutants isn't all it's cracked up to be: The food is so-so, and it's cold eleven out of twelve months, not to mention the creepy bunker vibes with mysterious tech popping up all over the place. But for the latest...   [click here for more]
44.How to Normal Tarot

How to Normal Tarot
by Seven Thirteen Books

How to Normal Tarot is the companion book for the Normal Tarot (Note that you will have to buy it separately, as cards and books can't ship from the same printer on here). The Caretaker runs Normal Horoscopes, a fantastic blog of horoscopes and mystical advice. The blog is still updating daily now on Tumblr, and the Caretaker, the blog's tender, can be found on twitter and patreon as well at @NormalHoroscopes...   [click here for more]
45.KOBOLD Guide to Monsters

KOBOLD Guide to Monsters
by Kobold Press

Let the Monster Masters Guide You Classic monsters can get stale, and Game Masters often need to generate their own monstrosities to properly challenge players. But concepting, creating, and using monsters is no easy feat for any Game Master—and that’s where this book comes in. In these pages, 15 of the brightest stars in the gaming industry share their wisdom for conceptualizing, developing, and...   [click here for more]
46.BattleTech Legends: Dragon Rising

BattleTech Legends: Dragon Rising
by Catalyst Game Labs

CLAWS THAT CATCH… As a reward for her loyalty and cunning, Katana Tormark has been granted the rank of Warlord of Dieron—a somewhat dubious honor. For even as she is given her new title, she is also given a nearly impossible task to prove her worth—one that may usher in a new era of interplanetary chaos... Barely three generations ago, the Draconis Combine ceded control of dozens...   [click here for more]
47.Tales from Meta City

Tales from Meta City
by Channel M Publishing

A child falls from the sky and becomes the greatest warrior king of his time. An orphaned girl blessed with unique powers blasts into space survives and sets out on an adventure of a thousand lifetimes. Two brothers left on a doorstep become members of the greatest super army ever assembled. a space princess found in the woods runs to her destiny in the big city. A boy with an eagle eye from humble...   [click here for more]
48.All Through the House and Other Tales from a Random Place

All Through the House and Other Tales from a Random Place
by Heijndermans

Two dark Christmasses, two bored eldritch nightmares, tigers and wolves on the prowl, robots out of their league and on their way out, a transfer student going out on a limb, humans at their worst and their best, religious followers of a giant monster and the last pig in the world. These are some of the stories found in this first collection of short stories by Joachim Heijndermans. Twenty-six stories,...   [click here for more]
49.ABOUT SIXTY: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the Best

ABOUT SIXTY: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the Best
by Wildside Press

Sixty original tales of Sherlock Holmes -- which one is the best? In sixty essays, sixty Sherlockians make the case for each of the stories. Their arguments range from the playful to the academic, and are as varied as the authors themselves. As editor Christopher Redmond says, "What they have written is compelling evidence that any one of the Sherlock Holmes stories can be the best; it’s all a matter...   [click here for more]
50.Book of Nod

Book of Nod
by White Wolf

For the first time, the Book of Nod has been restored with new files that perfectly replicate the first edition, but cleaned up so that the text can all be read, and many previously-lost details of the art are finally able to be discerned. Legends of the Undead The first vampires remember their first nights, but do not speak of them. Others...   [click here for more]
51.Three Shades of Night

Three Shades of Night
by White Wolf

Shadows Run Deep There is a taint in Chicago, a barely suppressed shiver of horror that touches all who make their home in the city. In this collection of three connected novellas, vampire, werewolves and mages all pursue their visions of power. Each novella tells part of the story of the hidden monsters of the Windy City. A World of Darkness® Novel Author Janet...   [click here for more]
52.SCARS - An Ironclaw Novel

SCARS - An Ironclaw Novel
by Sanguine Productions

It's always harder to do the right thing. Danica knows bounty hunters don't have it easy. So when a simple job with promises of great rewards comes along, she has her misgivings. It's simply too good to be true. But the opportunity is impossible to refuse - even when she learns that her quarry is in her old home town of Triskellian, a city where old ghosts and buried memories call to her from the shadows....   [click here for more]
53.DREAM-CARVER - An Ironclaw Novel

DREAM-CARVER - An Ironclaw Novel
by Sanguine Productions

The Sea Holds Great Mystery… Sailors tell tall tales of an underwater realm, beyond the charted waters of Calabria, beyond the furthest tradewinds. Legends of a fantastic people living in perfect harmony... or nighmares of razor-beaked monstrosities whose murderous designs can only be guessed at. Myths are myths, and the sensible folk of Calabria have no interest in them. But those who seek fortune,...   [click here for more]
54.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #5 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #5 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)
by Catalyst Game Labs

CONTINUING THE FIGHT... Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine charges toward victory on the war-ravaged, BattleMech-dominated battlefields of 31st century! In these tales, a Republic of the Sphere operative undertakes a personal quest to track down a missing family member, a small, untested mercenary command faces off against vicious pirate raiders, an aging soldier...   [click here for more]
55.The Night Parade of 100 Demons

The Night Parade of 100 Demons
by Aconyte Books

A thrilling epic fantasy adventure in the astonishing realm of Legend of the Five Rings, as two rival clans join forces to investigate a lethal supernatural mystery. Chaos has broken out in the isolated Dragon Clan settlement of Seibo Mura. During the full moon, horrifying creatures rampage through the village, unleashing havoc and death. When the Dragon samurai Agasha no...   [click here for more]
56.Tales of Excellent Cats

Tales of Excellent Cats
by Onyx Path Publishing

Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: Always trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen. Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of the adoration of Man.  Monarch Trillani Persian von Mau, deceased  Cats have inherited the world, unifying their six fractious monarchies after untold...   [click here for more]
57.Death's Kiss

Death's Kiss
by Aconyte Books

Nobleman sleuth Daidoji Shin returns for a brilliant new investigation deep in the Emerald Empire, in this exciting novel set in the fantastical world of Legend of the Five Rings. Daidoji Shin, former louche layabout turned amateur investigator, and his long-suffering bodyguard, Kasami, are called away from the comforts of the City of the Rich Frog and into Unicorn lands to investigate...   [click here for more]
58.Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters

Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters
by Outland Entertainment

We are surrounded! A wealthy man hunts the kaiju that killed his daughter on an island inhabited by mega-fauna.  They are everywhere! By the light of a campfire a young girl shares the true story of an epic brawl that caused Hurrican Irene. There is no escape! Sabotage turns an international science competition into a monster and mecha massacre. They reign! From deep ocean trenches and dense vibrant...   [click here for more]
59.The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers
by Insane Angel Studios

It’s the classic tale — but not exactly the way you remember it… Paris, France. 1625.  A young woman named d’Artagnan bears the heart and  the blade of a musketeer, but must prove herself  before she can earn her rank and uniform. The spy and assassin Milord de Winter advances an agenda of villainy and unbridled ambition, and will destroy...   [click here for more]
60.BattleTech Legends: Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans Vol 5)

BattleTech Legends: Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans Vol 5)
by Catalyst Game Labs

TAKING THE BATTLE TO THE ENEMY... An awesome mission has been assigned to Task Force Serpent: to destroy Huntress, homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Inner Sphere's greatest menace. But the invasion has suffered a serious blow: Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion has been struck down by an unknown assassin. With the fate of the entire Inner Sphere in jeopardy, only one other daredevil warrior...   [click here for more]
61.The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition

The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition
by Arc Dream Publishing

Have You Found the Yellow Sign? "I was turning to go into the dining-room when my eye fell upon a book bound in serpent skin, standing in a corner of the top shelf of the last bookcase." —Robert W. Chambers, "The Yellow Sign" The King in Yellow. Robert W. Chambers’ unearthly book has inspired millions of shivering readers since the death of the Gilded Age. This beautiful, deluxe...   [click here for more]
62.Cult of the Spider Queen

Cult of the Spider Queen
by Aconyte Books

An ancient horror deep in the Amazon jungle spins a web of nightmares to ensnare adventurers, explorers, and their souls, in this skin-crawling Arkham Horror novel of cosmic dread. When Arkham Advertiser reporter Andy van Nortwick receives a mysterious film reel in the mail, with a simple note: “Maude Brion is very much alive!”, he steps onto a path...   [click here for more]
63.The Deadly Grimoire

The Deadly Grimoire
by Aconyte Books

A daring actress and a barnstorming pilot team up to save the world from supernatural disaster in this uncanny pulp adventure set in the world of Arkham Horror. Betsy Baxter is the plucky stunt-actor star of the 1920s serial adventure, The Flapper Detective. While researching a wing-walking scene, she meets the fearless Winifred Habbamock and discovers a shared background...   [click here for more]
64.To Chart the Clouds

To Chart the Clouds
by Aconyte Books

Border tensions between rival samurai clans escalate into war over a hidden valley, in this fantasy epic from the breathtaking world of Legend of the Five Rings. When diligent yet unappreciated clerk, Miya Isami, develops a new triangulation technique for map- making, her traditionalist superiors at the Imperial Cartographic Bureau heap scorn upon her. But when her novel...   [click here for more]
65.Clan Novel Saga, Volume 2: The Eye of Gehenna (Novel)

Clan Novel Saga, Volume 2: The Eye of Gehenna (Novel)
by White Wolf

The Best-Selling Saga Returns The Vampire Clan Novel series broke all records for World of Darkness fiction when, throughout 1999 and 2000, it told an epic story through cross-cutting novels and carefully time-stamped chapters. Now, the entire epic is represented in four beautiful tradeformat volumes. The Clan Novel Saga reorganizes the chapters from all 13 novels (and the Clan Novel...   [click here for more]
66.Clan Novel Saga, Volume 3: Bloody September (Novel)

Clan Novel Saga, Volume 3: Bloody September (Novel)
by White Wolf

The Best Selling Saga Continues The Vampire Clan Novel series broke all records for World of Darkness fiction when, throughout 1999 and 2000, it told an epic story through cross-cutting novels and carefully time-stamped chapters. Now, the entire epic is released in four beutiful trade format volumes. The Clan Novel Saga reorganizes the chapters from all 13 novels (and the Clan...   [click here for more]
67.Clan Novel Saga, Volume 4: End Games (Novel)

Clan Novel Saga, Volume 4: End Games (Novel)
by White Wolf

The Best Selling Saga Continues The Vampire Clan Novel series broke all records for World of Darkness fiction when, throughout 1999 and 2000, it told an epic story through cross-cutting novels and carefully time-stamped chapters. Now, the entire epic is released in four beutiful trade format volumes. The Clan Novel Saga reorganizes the chapters from all 13 novels (and the Clan...   [click here for more]
68.The Complete Griselda

The Complete Griselda
by Chaosium

The collected works of Griselda, as told by Oliver Dickinson. A picaresque - or perhaps we should say Runyonesque - view into the rough-and-tumble life of an adventurer in Pavis. Fiction set in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, setting of the RuneQuest RPG. First published in 2001. Contents Oliver and Me, by Greg Stafford Introduction Points of View LuckyEddi Griselda Gets...   [click here for more]
69.MECH: Age of Steel

MECH: Age of Steel
by Outland Entertainment

MECH: Age of Steel is a collection of 24 mecha-inspired short stories in the spirit of Pacific Rim, Macross, Transformers, Robotech, Gundam, Evangelion, and more.  The MECH: Age of Steel anthology features a vast array of tales showcasing giant human-piloted, robot war machines wreaking havoc in blasted cities, or on dystopian landscapes, or around space stations and asteroids against...   [click here for more]
70.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #3

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #3
by Catalyst Game Labs

THE DAY THE STAR LEAGUE DIED! Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine brings you more BattleMech action from the war-torn 31st century and beyond! Celebrate Star League Day with tales of a long-abandoned ’Mech rediscovered and pressed into service, a quest for vengeance in enemy territory, the resurgence of old ghosts, and the threat of bitter betrayal in the face of...   [click here for more]
71.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #4

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #4
by Catalyst Game Labs

HEROES OF ALL STRIPES Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine celebrates bravery in all its forms on the triumphant, BattleMech-dominated battlefields of 31st century and beyond! Witness the birth of a new mercenary command in the late Third Succession War, follow a combat medic tackling a precarious injury, learn the true meaning of loyalty during the FedCom Civil...   [click here for more]
72.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #7 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #7 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)
by Catalyst Game Labs

NEVER SURRENDER! Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine brings you more heavy-hitting action and heroism in the war-torn BattleMech-dominated future of the 31st century and beyond! A young Periphery volunteer struggles against marauding pirates who have long overstayed their welcome. A small-but-growing mercenary unit faces off against a formidable foe...   [click here for more]
73.Shadowrun: Elfin Black

Shadowrun: Elfin Black
by Catalyst Game Labs

TIES THAT BIND… Mage Jonathan Leeds has built himself a comfortable life owning and operating an exclusive night club in London, far from the iron grasp of his family. But when his father, Gordon, abruptly summons him to the Seattle Metroplex, John finds himself a stranger in a strange land, thrown into the wilds of the ’Plex to manage a situation apparently only he can handle....   [click here for more]
74.The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 3

The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 3
by Apex Book Company

"The Apex Book of SF series has proven to be an excellent way to sample the diversity of world SFF and to broaden our understanding of the genre's potentials." --Ken Liu, winner of the Hugo Award and author of The Grace of Kings   These stories run the gamut from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror. Some are translations (from German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and...   [click here for more]
75.The Devourer Below

The Devourer Below
by Aconyte Books

The city of Arkham falls prey to ghoulish dread in this chilling anthology of action-packed adventure, from the bestselling world of Arkham Horror. Something monstrous has come to Arkham, Massachusetts. There have always been shadows here, but now a new hunger has risen from the depths and threatens those who dwell here. But there are heroes too – people who stand up and fight to...   [click here for more]
76.BLACK IRON - An Ironclaw Novel

BLACK IRON - An Ironclaw Novel
by Sanguine Productions

Chains come in many forms... Born the son of a Bisclavret border lord of dwindling influence and an unfashionable devotion to the old religion, Ian MacAllastair knows a lot about dreams. After his conversion to the Church of s'Allumer, Ian has felt the call to abolish the common practice of slavery all around him… especially as enjoyed by the wealthy and powerful slave-trader Lord Douglass Rancourt....   [click here for more]
77.BattleTech: A Rock and a Hard Place (A Gray Death Legion novel)

BattleTech: A Rock and a Hard Place (A Gray Death Legion novel)
by Catalyst Game Labs

ALIVE OR DEAD… Just a few months after their universe-shaking campaign on Helm, and the distribution of the Helm Memory Core, all Grayson Carlyle and his Gray Death Legion want is to settle into their new home on Glengarry. But they barely touch down on-planet when a Lyran Commonwealth general contacts the GDL, intent on hiring them to track down and capture Draconis Combine agents...   [click here for more]
78.BattleTech: No Substitute for Victory

BattleTech: No Substitute for Victory
by Catalyst Game Labs

TOO OLD TO FIGHT, TOO YOUNG TO DIE… For nearly a decade, the relentless warriors of Clan Jade Falcon have held the world of Jangso in the A Place system, using it as a training ground for their next generation of warriors. When the planet’s garrison departs to join other Falcon forces in the fight for Terra, the Clans’ ultimate prize, aging Star Commander Hasara is ordered to remain behind. Deemed...   [click here for more]
79.Stafford Library - Middle Sea Empire

Stafford Library - Middle Sea Empire
by Chaosium

Middle Sea Empire An Unfinished Work Concerning the Glory and Excesses of the People Overseen, Protected and Exploited by the Godlearners The Middle Sea Empire is a Second Age Glorantha book detailing the empire of the Godlearners, from its humble beginnings to its epic destruction. A detailed history, King’s list and many geographical descriptions provide a wealth of gamable material. The Jrusteli...   [click here for more]
80.BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction

BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction
by Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction is the ultimate chronicle of the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. With 304 pages that are brimming with hundreds of color and B&W illustrations that span BattleTech's 25-year legacy. Additionally, the book contains: An 8-page, detailed treatise on the evolution of the BattleTech/MechWarrior computer games and the...   [click here for more]
81.KOBOLD Guide to Gamemastering

KOBOLD Guide to Gamemastering
by Kobold Press

Decades of GMing Experience at Your Fingertips! “Kobold Press builds on its excellent track record with another great release—new and provocative.” —Mike Mearls Whether it’s advice from grognards who were running games at the dawn of RPGs, or suggestions from the new generation of game designers, these 21 essays by experts are here to help you improve your GMing skills and create...   [click here for more]
82.BattleTech Legends: The Gray Death Legion Trilogy Box Set

BattleTech Legends: The Gray Death Legion Trilogy Box Set
by Catalyst Game Labs

THE FIRST TRILOGY IN THE EPIC SAGA OF FUTURE WAR...THREE COMPLETE NOVELS! Thirty meters tall, seventy tons of quick-striding death and destruction, the armored war machines called BattleMechs are the front-line forces of the crumbling star empire locked in the horror of the endless Succession Wars. Their pilots are MechWarriors, 31st-century knights riding armored machines powerful enough to destroy...   [click here for more]
83.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #1

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #1
by Catalyst Game Labs

JUMP BACK INTO THE COCKPIT! Picking up the battle standard for BattleTech fiction, Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine continues the tradition of hard-hitting stories set in the war-torn interstellar future of the 31st century and beyond. Fire up your ’Mech’s fusion reactor, secure your neurohelmet, and wade into battle with stories from the merciless front...   [click here for more]

by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

Ogres are bigger than you. Ogres are stronger than you. Ogres rule the world. It’s always idyllic in the village until the landlord comes to call. Because the landlord is an Ogre. And Ogres rule the world, with their size and strength and appetites. It’s always been that way. It’s the natural order of the world. And they only eat people sometimes. But when the headman’s son, Torquell, dares...   [click here for more]
85.Curse of Honor

Curse of Honor
by Aconyte Books

The reckless pursuit of honor exposes an empire to demonic invasion, in this epic fantasy novel of duty and warfare, set in the extraordinary world of Legend of the Five Rings. Striking Dawn Castle defends the mountains between the Rokugan empire and the demon-haunted Shadowlands. When a mythical city is discovered in the forbidding peaks, Hida Haru, heir and sore disappointment...   [click here for more]
86.Poison River

Poison River
by Aconyte Books

A charming slacker aristocrat discovers a talent for detection and a web of conspiracies in the Emerald Empire, in this snappy novel set in the fantastical world of Legend of the Five Rings. Daidoji Shin, unrepentant wastrel with a taste for scandal and dice, coasts through his role as Crane Clan's trade envoy in the City of the Rich Frog. But when a case of poisoned rice...   [click here for more]
87.The Jury In My Mind

The Jury In My Mind
by Rushbrook Books

You are about to witness a revelation There is an inquisition that the world has never known on the most famous sea disaster in living memory. Its location and contents have remained clandestine. Until now. The case is not about not scrutinising the White Star Line. Instead, friends, lovers, even God, are called to the dock It is a microcosmic view, an entirely personal claim, one young woman’s...   [click here for more]
88.The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology

The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology
by Onyx Path Publishing

Step back into the Dark Ages... ...into a time when the clans, high and low, battle for blood and power. Welcome to The Cainite Conspiracies This collection of short stories inspired by the 20th Anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade Dark Ages features tales by Vampire developers such as Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb, David A. Hill, Jr., and...   [click here for more]
89.Android: Monster Slayer

Android: Monster Slayer
by Aconyte Books

A veteran of the War, Reina can’t stop fighting. Only now, she’s no longer on Mars, and she’s no longer a soldier. Scarred by her time as an Electronic Warfare Service drone operator, Reina has transformed herself into a notorious cybercriminal, and she’s turned her hatred of the Weyland Consortium into a personal crusade. Her goal? Expose the corp’s machinations and exact vigilante justice....   [click here for more]
90.BattleTech Legends: Warrior: En Garde (The Warrior Trilogy, Book One)

BattleTech Legends: Warrior: En Garde (The Warrior Trilogy, Book One)
by Catalyst Game Labs

’MECHS AT THE READY… Betrayed by his own House and stripped of his rank, exiled Mechwarrior Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honor—by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII. But his newest Game World opponent—more skilled at 'Mech-to-'Mech combat than any other rival—raises the stakes even higher. It's Philip Capet, former mechwarrior...   [click here for more]
91.The Fylde Witch

The Fylde Witch
by Cakebread & Walton

‘There is a witch in Woodplumpton. She is buried, upside down, beneath a boulder…’   When you think of the Fylde, if you think of it at all, you might picture its coastline: Illuminations, picturesque windmills, and historic lighthouses. This story is much older than any of those things. This story takes place in the Fylde of 400 years ago, where boggarts dwelt in farmsteads,...   [click here for more]
92.Book of Final Flesh

Book of Final Flesh
by Eden Studios

From the battle-torn skies over World War I France to the corridors of alien prisoner-of-war satellites, the opium dens of exotic Victorian Shanghai to the living rooms of suburban America, the zombies rise up. Some crave revenge. Others hunger for the brains of the living. All are driven by desires they can neither control nor understand... Edited by James Lowder, The Book of Final Flesh presents...   [click here for more]
93.Mask of the Other

Mask of the Other
by Greg Stolze

In 1974, something came out of the sea during the invasion of Cyprus, killing Greeks and Turks indiscriminately until it was bombed into dormancy and entombed. In 1988 a rock band disappeared while filming on an abandoned island-town off the coast of Japan. In 1991, a squad of US infantry was attacked in Iraq by a bulletproof, invisible entity. "Mask of the Other" connects these disparate events,...   [click here for more]
94.Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, 2nd Edition

Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, 2nd Edition
by Kobold Press

The Ultimate Resource for Gamers, Game Masters, and Designers The first edition of the COMPLETE KOBOLD GUIDE TO GAME DESIGN laid out concepts, techniques and advice for designing roleplaying games and enhancing adventures. This second edition brings together essays from the original volume by Wolfgang Baur, Monte Cook, Keith Baker, Ed Greenwood, and others, many updated to reflect...   [click here for more]
95.BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #2

BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #2
by Catalyst Game Labs

THE WAR RAGES ON! Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine returns with more explosive BattleMech action from the 31st century! Experience tales of hard-won survival from the gaming world of Solaris VII, the wilds of the Deep Periphery, and the annals of Clan history. Dive deep into in-depth technology articles, technical readouts, conspiracy theories, war-game and role-playing...   [click here for more]
96.BattleTech: Fall From Glory (Founding of the Clans, Book One)

BattleTech: Fall From Glory (Founding of the Clans, Book One)
by Catalyst Game Labs

FLIGHT INTO THE UNKNOWN… 100 million dead. 500 million wounded. One billion homeless. The worst war in human history is over—and has left the Star League shattered. Jealousy and infighting from the five Great House Lords over who will be the next First Lord has the entire Inner Sphere already teetering on the brink of all-out conflict again. Against this grim backdrop, Aleksandr...   [click here for more]
97.BattleTech: Paid in Blood (The Highlander Covenant, Book Two)

BattleTech: Paid in Blood (The Highlander Covenant, Book Two)
by Catalyst Game Labs

NO PRICE TOO HIGH… On the besieged planet of Northwind, the Highlanders are fighting a tenacious invading force from the Capellan Confederation, led by a regiment from the legendary McCarron’s Armored Calvary, with support from Warrior House Imarra. The first round went to the Capellans, who seized the city of Tara and the invaluable HPG located within it. But their position is...   [click here for more]
98.The Wizard and the War Machine

The Wizard and the War Machine
by Wildside Press

At the end of The Cyborg and the Sorcerers, Sam Turner was making a life for himself on the planet Dest. He thought he had left the long-lost interstellar war between Earth and its rebellious colonies behind him forever. "Forever" turned out to be eleven years. That was how long it took for another Independent Reconnaissance Unit to respond to the distress call his ship had sent...   [click here for more]
99.Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies

Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies
by Arc Dream Publishing

Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies is a collection of stories by award-winning author and game designer Dennis Detwiller. These tales of cosmic terror and personal horror span the life of Delta Green, the desperate organization that Detwiller helped create: a group of men and women who have seen the awful truths of reality and struggle to keep those realities at bay as long as they can....   [click here for more]
100.V20 The Endless Ages Anthology

V20 The Endless Ages Anthology
by Onyx Path Publishing

Twenty-five years of Vampire: The Masquerade Twenty-five years of storytelling, adventure, and exploration. In celebration, we bring you eighteen authors that explore the evolution and development of the world of Vampire. From tales of wanton diablerie to the fulfilling of centuries-old religious vows, lover’s sacrifices, and searches for truth. Peel apart the layers and discover...   [click here for more]
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