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The Xothic Legend Cycle

MSRP: $8.95
Deal price: $2.68 (70% off)
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The Complete Mythos Fiction of Lin Carter
(including the episodic novel "The Terror Out of Time")

The late Lin Carter was the driving force behind the famous Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series of the 1970's. He was also a prolific writer and anthologist of horror and fantasy with over eighty titles to his credit, including Lovecraft: A Look at the Cthulhu ...


$2.00 $0.50

A novelette about a mistreated princess with a will of iron, a hard-faced prince with an unbreakable secret duty, an uncle who is so corrupt he would sell his own mother for land, a forest that is treated as an equal by royalty, and someone who attained immesurable power through being a captive.



During these trying times, please feel free to save 30% off of any of prize-winning author J Alan Erwine's titles. This includes short stories, collections, and novels.


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