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Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
by Andreas G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2013 04:11:45

I really liked the book. It is a well written pure sourcebook that reads almost like a novel. The information given play well with truth and fiction, the books give some creepy facts and exaggerate them. That fits well with the background of this book. It suggests an urban fantasy setting where players embody zombie hunters, maybe as part of a secret society or (in)official governmentbranch. The setting is more or less suggested, so that it is also useful for almost every zombiescenario. It is a great read with some use for RPG and by the way a great introduction to different zombie types. It is not only of value for GMs, but also for players and even in-game use, as it is written asa real handbook on Zombies... For round about 3$ it's a virtual no-brainer...

I also wrote a longer review in german:

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Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide
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