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Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase
Publisher: John Picha
by Nichole G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/01/2013 02:28:11

I stumbled onto this anthology by happy accident. The four adventures in this tome cover what is a Dantesque reading of the genre of Dieselpunk. Each story will get its own section here. I also know that The Divine Comedy only has three parts, but let me explain this as I go.

1) That Sort of World -- A good solid introduction to the world of dieselpunk fiction. It all begins and ends with a hat or lack of one. A story builds up around this premise that embodies the essence of what the future holds. This would be the outside of the world, before moving into the Inferno, a land of guns and philosophy.

2) Pandora Driver -- The momentum continues as Pandora Driver motors into a city run by crime lords that is attacking the average Joe. It weaves between the past and present, revealing the noises and sparks of the super heroine and the Fate of the ones she conquers. There is even a reference to the Inferno at the end of this one, keep your eyes peeled! This one is all action, action, action, kids!

3) The Troubleshooter -- The Purgatory of the Showcase, The Troubleshooter, storms about town with a mix of cleverness and noir. This is where my favorite line, "Serious as a sin sandwich" is from, but there are many other lines I enjoy. It features Elvira, as a non-typical moll, which I liked, and it seamlessly brings in a dollop of sci-fi to the party.

4) The World of Mañana -- At last, we get to Paradise, or so we think. Even I, at the mere mention of the word "parrotpunk" wanted to sigh. This is no Cheeseburger in Paradise, my friends. No hearty Casablanca. This is a world of spirits and eating of the God's Eye. I valued this one as taking Dieselpunk into a native spiritual realm.

Overall, these stories blended well. A few had old-timey type adverts that appealed to my serial side. Two of them had logos as well, making me want to seek out the origin books. It is a great place to start if you are curious about Dieselpunk fiction.

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Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase
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