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Kicking It: Successful Crowdfunding
Publisher: Stone Box Press
by Brandon P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2013 12:37:02

I bought this for my Entrepreneurship BUS 245 class. I was the only one in class who knew anything about the subject of crowd-funding. This book helped me explain the concept, and we got a chance to get a guest speaker from a new start-up crowd-funding web site (Crowdit) by one of it's founders based on the interest generated in the instructor by this book.

This book does focus on Kickstarter as it is the 800lb gorilla in the industry, but the methods and advice could certainly apply to any of the sites devoted to this new phenomenon except for equity-based sites due to the new laws still being implemented and still based on accreditation so far. If you are interested in exploring crowd-funding at all you should pick up this book. at 84 pages it is a quick read and gives you good advice on the steps you will need to take to set up your own crowd-funding experience.

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Kicking It: Successful Crowdfunding
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