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Samurai Shark $1.49
Publisher: 53rd Street Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/31/2012 04:05:57

Sometimes it feels really, really good to get it off your chest, to have a good rant at all the things that are wrong in the world.

Now imagine you're a shark. This work gets into the head of one angry shark, and lets you listen in to what a grumpy shark might have to say on a really bad day. As an example of monologue, this is a good - albeit rather potty-mouthed - one, a stream of consciousness rant that touches on many of the things that might bother a shark, were he able to express himself in words. And boy, is he given the words!

Fortunately last time I swam with a shark, he was a tiger shark in the Red Sea and quite friendly. Don't think I'd fancy meeting this Great White, certainly not when he's in a bad mood.

But it's fascinating to evesdrop on what he's thinking as he cruises along. Pity about the bad language or I'd recommend this to youngsters as a fine anthropomorphical monoglogue.

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Samurai Shark
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