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Tales from the Rocket Age $1.99
Publisher: Why Not Games
by Tony C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2019 01:30:12

The four stories in this book are all quite different, yet they are all based in the same fictional universe - one where Einstein, Tesla, and Goddard invented an interplanetary rocket in 1931, and humans have expanded to the planets and moons around them. Of course, being in the pulp planetary romance genre, the Solar System is teeming with intelligent life. And, being set in 1938, there are Nazis to use as the villains (as well as non-humans on occasion).

None of the four short stories was terrible, but only one really grabbed me - Emancipation Knights by Ken Spencer, which is a strong homage to The Maltese Falcon - the rest were good, but not exceptional. And I think perhaps Nazis were overused as villains - in the setting they have created, there are plenty of areas for conflict without having to have Nazis involved in all the skulduggery.

If you're a fan of the role-playing game that it's based on, this is worth a read, and it's not going to damage your hip pocket nerve either.

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Tales from the Rocket Age
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