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Publisher: Four Fools Press
by Jennifer W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2019 19:08:17

When David returns to Alabama in the summer of 1967, he fully intends to get reacquainted with the girl of his dreams, the only woman who ever mattered to him, Molly Kate. When he finally claps eyes on her, he sees a pale reflection of the lively, tanned girl who has haunted his dreams during all the long years since high school. Now the dark circles under her eyes show how haunted Molly Kate is, as she tells him of the headaches that plague her day and night. Especially at night.

Once married, David discovers how badly nightmares and headaches have combined to drive Molly Kate to the very brink of death. David begins to feel the cold fingers of hopelessness gripping him. No matter how hard he works, nothing is ever enough to keep up with the constant doctor's bills and repairs needed around their home and land.

Despite all his education, nearly a degree and a half, David is overwhelmed and turns to a blend of faith, superstition and science in his desperate attempt to seek a cure for his beloved Molly Kate. He knows, just knows, he's on the cusp of discovering what is haunting her dreams, and it's no mere brain tumor. David will stop at nothing to save Molly Kate, even sinking his last dollars and all the wild science he can bring to bear, in a last-ditch fight against even the supernatural!

Nod is a quick read, and a spare tale, rushing toward the fast-paced conclusion as though the reader just doesn't need to know too much about the few characters involved. Once the finale has been revealed, the newspaper report-style wrap-up is just as spare, and honestly, left me wishing I'd known just a little more detail about the people and the phenomena involved. Not so much that it spoils the wonder, but just enough to feel there may be a bigger danger possible in the future.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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