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The Testament of Longinus $2.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Flames R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/24/2009 09:06:11

A Flames Rising Review:

Most players enjoy something tangible given to them in a game. It can be as simple as dice, poker chips, and a character sheet; nevertheless, the experience deepens when newspaper articles, photos, and varied memorabilia are also handed out. People are bound by their senses.

The more senses used during a game greatly intensifies the overall experience. Attack them all. While the Testament of Longinus won’t smell like a centuries old text, it’s still a masterfully fun little addition to the World of Darkness (and you can always check-out an old book from the library to relate that old smell for your players). This psudo-document follows the story of a self-described “antichrist” as he moves from criminal to vampire to . . . something more.

I normally go over a game’s layout first, but I’ll tackle artwork first today. The reason is simple. The nature of this product permits it to have no artwork. While it is true that some holy texts do have classically rendered art plates within them, most don’t. The “no artwork” decision works perfectly for this little manifesto. I italicize that statement because the cover is still a piece of fantastic art. Its design reflects the soft aged leather of a forgotten book, obviously using the Bible as inspiration. I hope White Wolf offers a print run of this tidy little beast as most self-printing jobs will not do it justice. After all, this is billed as an “in-game prop.”

One deeply amusing thing about reading this book is the journal portion of the book. In it, the writers critique the pseudo-religious text, bickering about the changes in authors and so forth. The writers did a fantastic job sounding like different authors, spanning across hundreds of years. In a sense, the journal portion of the book offers a rich review of the testament portion.

Fun, fun stuff.

The material in the book can quickly put characters on a quest for the mystical Longinus. He’s another Caine, Christ, or Boogeyman. His story and accomplishments are envied by too many factions for this book not to have impact in most Vampire or even Hunter games. With the correct angle, it could even be brought into a fully different system. Who is to say a Delta Green cell wouldn’t want to find and destroy such a sanity-splitting tome?

All in all, I think this book is a great addition.

Review by Todd Cash

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The Testament of Longinus
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