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Shadowrun: Shaken (No Job Too Small) $4.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Joseph J T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2015 20:05:58

Shaken: No Job Too Small is my favorite of the recent batch of Shadowrun fiction. The story of Jimmy Kincaid resonates with both my love of Shadowrun and my love of noir fiction. The character is genre savvy enough that he views his life through a black and white filter on his cybereyes. Little details like that really draw me into a story. It's a very personal story too, and I love learning more about Kincaid. It doesn't skimp on the rest of the world though, and I love the climax too. My favorite thing about Zimmerman's style is that the way he writes, I can see it in game terms too. There were some spots where I was like "Kincaid totally just spent Edge."If you're gonna start with any of the recent Shadowrun novels, start with this one. You won't be disappointed. Mr. Zimmerman is a fine predecessor to the legends of Shadowrun fiction like Nigel Findley. 5/5 would read again.

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Shadowrun: Shaken (No Job Too Small)
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