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World of Darkness: The God-Machine Chronicle $17.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Jon L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2015 16:46:25

This book gives you insight in the God-Machine a machine with higher dimensional powers or a supernatural machine that does has a plan for us all regardless if its rewarding or not. If its rewarding to you and the god-machine planned it than it was very rewarding for it. That's pretty much what I got out of it. The introduction to the god-machine and how it impacts the story. Along with updates to the game mechanics. However the game mechanics if want to integrate. The rules aren't complex or too difficult to integrate with 1st edition character of NWOD to 2nd edition. I think I could edit it to still make a good story with using the god-machine without all the mechanics updates. I still need Vampire Requiem 2nd edition and Werewolves the Forsaken 2nd Editions plus all the others to go along but the site says they are not out yet just the vampire and werewolf ones. Regardless the material from the god-machine and demons the descent has really good material to integrate into any New World of Darkness story the GMs make up or use. This was worth every penny and is very good books.

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World of Darkness: The God-Machine Chronicle
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