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The Idigam Chronicle Anthology $2.99 $2.24
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Zachary B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2014 16:28:08

I think this Anthology is pretty good all told. I'm not sure I'd show it to someone who wasn't in the know with regard to WtF.

I tried thinking, after I read this, why it wasn't perfect. Sure, the use of Proper RPG Nouns without surrounding context drove me crazy. Then most stories are about the hunt. The Wolf Must Hunt. And there is so much to hunt. I guess contextually what I didn't like was that each story was just so full of death to the degree where it's like "oh so, if each hunt a few werewolves die, how are there any werewolves alive at all?" And, I tell myself that these are momentous stories.

"Desert Dreaming Hunt" was probably one of the best. It did a great job explaining a small sliver of the spirit world, as did "Last Rites". I also really enjoyed "The Worst Kind of Enemy", especially that it was territory and not just "vs. Pure". Lots of clever writing were WtF fans can see a bit beyond and "get it."

For a WtF fan it is definitely worth the cost to get some glimpses of the Forsaken's world.

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The Idigam Chronicle Anthology
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