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Strangeness in the Proportion $3.99 $2.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Josh L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/24/2014 15:21:56

I cannot quite determine how, in it's entirety, this book has so quickly taken a hold on me. During its original run on White Wolf's website, I was lucky enough to come across it, and even then, I felt there was something special about it; there was something unique to the work that just seemed to pull at my heart and soul. However, as the story goes, awaiting new chapters, I grew lax in my reading, and with the exception of the occasional mention in the back of my mind (perhaps a Corbie's whisper?), I forgot about "Strangeness in the Proportion." Jump ahead over a year, and the time came for a Christmas gift. As if on cue, the whisper came again, reminding me of the story's existence, and lo and behold, a printed copy was available in addition to the ebook. With that decided, the book soon came in and the gift was delivered with much merriment.

All I remained with was the ebook, and figuring the time was now right, I dove back into the World of Darkness. It shames me that it took me so long. Taking it in all at once, this superbly supernatural, and altogether mystifying tale drew me in, and at once I fell in love with it. With a plot as troubling to describe as it is wonderful, my friends have become sick of hearing me exclaim my own personal accolades for it. The dark, disturbing, and terrifying tale of Simon Meeks and Jane Doe is also one of classic romanticism, that will forevermore hold a place in my heart and my bookshelf.

Needless to say, I feel that the titans of modern horror could take a lesson from Mr. Joshua Alan Doetsch.

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Strangeness in the Proportion
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