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Frontier Explorer - Issue 8 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Frontier Explorer
by William S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/09/2014 14:15:03

I've recently had the privilege to download Frontier Explorer #8, edited by Tom Stephens and Tom Verrieult(I suppose I should call them the Brothers Brothers :) ). It is a worthy successor to the Star Frontiersman e-magazine, which has fallen upon hard times and plagued for several issues now with subpar material.

The Frontier Explorer doesn't suffer from this. Over the entire eight-issue run, the zine's articles and fiction have been entertaining, informative, and innovative, assets to both the gaming community at large and to the Star Frontiers' role players whom the zine was primarily meant to serve. I would especially like to see more of Scott Mulder's Titan Rising series, perhaps as a back cover replacement for the Grymz comics(by the same author) which are there now.

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Frontier Explorer - Issue 8
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