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Courage and Steel (Erlik's Saga Book 1) $5.99
Publisher: Four Fools Press
by Jennifer W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/13/2018 22:30:07

Thoroughly enjoyable stories, start to finish, and as the old saying goes, this tastes like more! Erlik's Saga is as good an adventure as can be found, chock-full of well-written action and supernatural intrigue. Vivid characters come to life so quickly, you'll devour this story and thirst for more. Michael C. Munson's illustrations and cover art lend focus and gritty realism to Erlik's Saga.

Weregild (10 years prior to Tides of Fate) - Erlik Rowanson must prove himself to his chief and father, Efelwere the Ring-Breaker, who gives him command of the left flank, choosing him over cousin Adulwulf. The long-awaited clash between these two cannot be called simply a "fight" as you breathe the stench of bodies, snort at the kicked-up dust and taste the metallic heat of hearts-blood. The name of Black Erlik is well earned.

Tides of Fate - Erlik the Black, Kinslayer, after a decade of raiding and reaving, returns to the windswept, rocky shores of his birthplace, and encounters a lovely woman who is not what she appears to be. Pursuing her, Erlik finds an ancient wise woman and learns something of his own past, as well as more legends of the isles, including the mysterious girl he chases across these bleak rocks.

Death Head - Palladius and Erlik, the Roman and the Northman, different as the sun and moon, yet truer friends never tread the open road. A farmer's family speaks of unexplainable killings, a local priest confesses of a tumbledown temple in the nearby swamp, and the warriors know the unconsecrated dead will return again to feast upon the helpless. With faith and torch and an almost plan, they brave the muck and mire to face creatures most malevolent.

Aviking - To sail and raid with his sea-wolves in the spring of the year, Black Erlik's thoughts of raiding are challenged only by the strength and love of a woman as fierce in spirit and rune-magic as he is at arms. Adventure calls the ring breaker and the gold giver, and away he must, under a black sail, with the tide.

King's Table - Bitter cold drives a weary Erlik to seek shelter, yet the wolf-eyed son of Efelwere quickly finds himself face to undead face with a fierce and ancient barrow-wight. The thing speaks of Erlik's renown and parentage, as the two warily circle one another in the richly appointed prison, bound by the wyrd placed upon this ancient, dead king's hall. Will the wily warrior survive the challenge placed before him, the king's table, or be overcome and take the cursed draugr's place?

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Courage and Steel (Erlik's Saga Book 1)
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