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Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures
Publisher: Queen of Swords Press
by Bill B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2021 22:26:02

Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures is a delightful collection of three novellas about Captain Marta Ramos - the most dangerous pirate in the Duchy of Denver - and her crew. It stands alone perfectly well, but ties in nicely with Murder on the Titania, the previous collection of stories chronicling these same airship pirates and their adventures.

The middle story of Wireless doesn't involve Captain Ramos at all - directly, anyway. It concerns a mission undertaken by Ramos's right-hand man, Simms, and the good Captain's romantic interest, Deliah. Deliah has her own objectives on this mission; she has more secrets than many nations, and she and Simms get along about as well as oil and water.

All three tales are fun to read, and this book is a page-turner. If you enjoy these stories, I urge you to also pick up a copy of Murder on the Titania for more from these intriguing characters and the author that brings them to life.

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Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures
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