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Publisher: Blue Ankh Publishing
by Will H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/20/2009 03:15:08

I had my doubts when I first started this, but before I knew it, I was at the end.

Perhaps the idea of men as sex slaves compelled me on, perhaps it was that it was just different. Either way, the only thing left when I finished, was a longing for more.

Our hero was there for how long, that wasn't mentioned. One question I thought about, was did he perform to complete expectations.

As for the axe wielding girl friend, I found her delightful in how she played her part.

I'd like to give this a five (as the story line was beautiful), but it was really short and a bit lacking in detail.

You mentioned that you had thought to add or change it. Personally, leave this alone. Write another, expanded version.

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