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Apex Magazine Vol 3 Issue 1 (PDF)
Publisher: Apex Book Company
by David Z. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/17/2009 16:38:54

“She Called Me Sweetie,” by Glenn Lewis Gillette, works in undertones that remind the reader of the early Genesis narratives of Adam and Eve, along with the Cain/Able conflict, mixed with a dose of "1984"/"Brave New World," and "Coming of Age in Samoa." It’s a story of self-individuation gone wrong, jealousies, secrets, lust, and oh yes, murder. Gillette packs a lot into 4500 words; it is an intriguing tale.

The story is set in a remote Manor House, a faux Eden. Boys named with single letters who dress and speak as if attending English public school, are class conscious and very aware of higher (or lower) rank. We see all through the eyes and experiences of narrator/protagonist “E”, about twelve, who adores the provocative and subversively seductive goddess-like figure he calls “Mommy.” And Mommy calls him "Sweet E." Only E doesn't hear it that way; he hears “Sweetie.” Otherwise, he might realize that Mommy likes him no more than any of his clone-brothers. Otherwise, he would not misunderstand the pet-name, and Mommy's specific affection for him. Otherwise, but there is no “otherwise” . . . to everyone else's detriment.

~David J. Zucker: "An independent scholar, I write in the fields of biblical studies, chaplaincy, aging, and modern Jewish literature. I have three books published and contributed chapters to three other scholarly books. I also publish articles and reviews regularly in a variety of journals; for details, see my website:"

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Apex Magazine Vol 3 Issue 1 (PDF)
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