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Delta Green: ARCHINT
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Ken S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/03/2021 16:46:52

Weighing in at 34 pages (36 with the front and back cover), Delta Green: Archint is a collection of eleven artifacts suitable as a centerpiece or macguffin that a scenario can be built around. Not for the lazy Case Officer, as some effort would be needed to incorporate these items of mutual interest into an existing operational framework.

Most of these artifact writeups were first available in a more unpolished format on Dennis Detwiller's patreon, some dating back a few years before publication. My expectations for ARCHINT were not fully met, as I was hoping for more tradecraft and an overview of the global trade in illicit art and cultural artifacts.

The sort of thing I wanted to see more of would be like the account from Hot Art by Joshua Knelman where Chinese artifacts are auctioned off from a rogue digsite run by corrupt archeologists. As each item is dug up and dusted off, it is immediately placed for auction via online streaming. The buyers are selected by invitation only, and the items are never entered into any academic catalog and will never have a legal provenance (record of origin and ownership).

That having been said, ARCHINT continues and maintains the Delta Green tradition of quality authorship where Conspiracy Horror mutates into disturbing Personal Horror. In conclusion, Shane Ivey is a piker and a maroon. EXCELSIOR!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Delta Green: ARCHINT
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