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Lost Crypt of the Revenant King (Pocket Dungeon)

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Lost Crypt of the Revenant King (Pocket Dungeon)
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Lost Crypt of the Revenant King (Pocket Dungeon)
Publisher: Ted Fauster Books
by Derek H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/24/2019 04:59:26

Picked up this Pocket Dungeon just to see what it was about. After I "paid what I wanted" (Suggested is 99 cents... but paid $2.00 to help Ted Fauster out a little)... I was rather surprised to see that it contained 26 pages total! Of course, that number includes the front cover and back cover... but still!!! Basically, it's a rather basic but fun little dungeon design that's accompanied with an optinal adventure scenario ( drawn and written by Ted Fauster) and some additional artwork (drawn by Brian Parker). The adventure can be conformed to fit any role-playing game system. From there, the dungeon itself is broken down into all of it's components seperately (which takes up many of the overall pages)... but is enlarged so that when you print those specific pages out @ 100%... you can cut them out and use them as your play mat when using your miniatures. The idea being that as the party of adventurers advance through the dungeon... you simply lay out the next new section of the map. So they see and experience it new as they go along (similar to using the Fog of War effect in a way). As for each of the seperate dungeon pieces themselves... besides that they're already illustrated with one inch square grids and walls... the rest is left blank for you to fully customize to your own desire. Whether you're using the adventure prompt that came with the dungeon or if you've made up your own adventure... you can draw whatever details you want and/or add 3D centerpiece terrain to enhance the player's visual sense. One other thing you get with the Pocket Dungeon is blank note pages for each of those sections of the map... where you can document the area description, traps, monsters, treasure, and any other details noteworthy as you run the adventure. All in all, it's a neat idea for those game masters needing a quick dungeon to toss their players in and I rate it a 4/5 stars. My only nitpicks would be that the grid lines themselves be much thinner and the walls made lighter grey (instead of solid black)... so that you don't use quite as much ink when printing those out. Some extra 2D illustrated props would give it more bang, too... but I do understand that this is already a "pay what you want" item here in the DriveThru RGP store and that adding more might drive it up to a regular price point. Anyway... what are you waiting for? Go snag this puppy up and prep your Pocket Dungeon for action and intrigue! :)

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