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Publisher: Mongoose
by Jason P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/02/2020 11:39:01

Rachando is a free trader who works his way into the royal court of the floating palace of Drinax. The floating palace is the last remaining bastian of the once-great Sindal Empire that ruled over most of the sector for thousands of years. Now all that remains are the descendents of the nobles who fled the surface of the planet before it was bombed into oblivion by the Empire's enemies two centuries earlier. Everyone living in the palace is the descendent of a noble of that Empire and has their own inherited titles for worlds dozens of light years away that they no longer have any real power over. They live surrounded by opulant art and relics of the Empire but have had to build catchbasins on the roof of the floating palace to provide drinking water. Rachando gains the favor of the king by offering raw materials and imported fruits and vegetables rather than the frivolous luxuries every other merchant has offered there. Once he has gotten on the king's good side he also offers to run an errand for him...

This is more backstory for one of the significant NPCs in The Pirates of Drinax campaign more than it is a stand-alone story. At the end of the story Rachando is basically where the travellers will meet him at the beginning of The Pirates of Drinax.

The story lays out some of Rachando's history, his motivations, and it describes the all-robot crew of his ship the Invisible Hand. It will be a useful read for a GM running The Pirates of Drinax as it helps flesh out one of the more significant NPCs and gives a taste of what life in the floating palace of Drinax is like. It gives away too much about Rachando for it to be recommended reading for players of the campaign until after they have played through it.

It is well-written and interesting, and Rachando is himself an interesting character, but it's mostly set-up for The Priates of Drinax. None of the major plot threads are resolved in the story itself.

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