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Shadows of the Dusk Queen for 5th Edition $4.99
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Shadows of the Dusk Queen for 5th Edition
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Shadows of the Dusk Queen for 5th Edition
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Daniel N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/16/2019 06:56:10

An enjoyable romp. One of my first true one shots, I didn't really spend any time planning this so ran it straight from the book after a skim read before hand. The players enjoyed it, but I/we found the flow a little too well signposted, there were definately no mysteries to be deduced/roleplayed. Not going to consider that a flaw though, it was a one shot and my players wanted to kill things so it ticked all the boxes in that regard.

My only criticism would be some mistakes with the dusk queen stat block. It lists the spells in divine and cleric seperately, so effectively only showing spell slots up to level 7 for each, when it should be showing higher level slots as a combined level 14 character. Not a major problem but it did mean from initial read I was limited on my 4th level slots. There's also a mismatch between what spell scrolls it says she casts and which she's listed as having, not a major problem but confused me a little when reading it in the heat of battle!

TLDR: Good hack n slash, little roleplay, few mistakes but not gonna spoil anything.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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