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Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer

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Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer
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Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer
Publisher: Play by Action Gaming
by Kayla B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/20/2019 10:17:33

Wonderful work! It gives an old school vibe (gamebooks of the 80s) that matches the black and white art work. Over 100s of art work to look at, which I never seen in a gamebook before. The instructions are easy to follow and you will get into the game in less then 5 minutes. There is a lot of dice rolling in this game, which is great to keep the tempo going. There isn't much of a story dialogue and it is more about surviving the 12 day quest to reach the summit where the dragon stays. If one has imagination one can actually envision your own stories as you play along. It is has been fun and my family have also enjoyed it equally, as they each gave it a try when I showed them the title. I am looking forward to more works in this style.

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