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Mage Tower - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts $1.49
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Mage Tower   - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
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Mage Tower - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
Publisher: Ambient Environments
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/04/2014 18:51:55

Soft, vague instrumental and vocal music swirl around each other in this piece, creating an air of mystery. Sounds to me like the wizard is either quasi-friendly or not at home. I don't get a sense of menace or danger, unless some of those vocals come from ghosts who will later turn out to be hostile. The track would make great backing for an exploration or interaction scene; it's definitely not the right mood for a fight scene. Even though the title refers to a wizard's (or alchemist's or sage's) tower, I think the audio is much more flexible than that. The track would feel right at home under a scene set in a mystical forest glade, or under water, or any number of places. It would also work just fine for a visit to an alien planet in a sci-fi game, or even in a Cthulhu-themed game when you want to evoke a sense of wonder (you know, before the ghastly horror of the situation dawns on the victims, er, PCs).

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