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Adventurers Journal 1: Stone Orcs (Legend) $1.00
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Adventurers Journal 1: Stone Orcs (Legend)
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Adventurers Journal 1: Stone Orcs (Legend)
Publisher: Solace Games
by Samuel B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/01/2014 15:20:21

For the price this is a nice little rpg item, which was made better after I made some initial comments to Anthony. He rectified a few problems and made some descriptions clearer immediately after I told him about them.

There are a few things however that I feel could still have been improved on. The picture does not 100% tally to the descriptive text. I would rather get more pages - between 6 and 8 maybe - in order to gain more information. The 1$ price is great but some backgrounds, professions, racial magical spells and family life details would be good.

I'd also recommend the use of sub-headings within the massive block of text on the first main page, it's a bit daunting as it currently is.

Having said all of that I think this is a very worthy effort, but one which can probably be enhanced with very little effort!

I give the item a 6/10, in part due to the great response from Anthony with regards making changes to the item.

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