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Maelstrom Domesday Investigators Guide $6.00
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Maelstrom Domesday Investigators Guide
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Maelstrom Domesday Investigators Guide
Publisher: Arion Games
by Samuel B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/29/2014 09:59:10

I had the pleasure of Proofreading this Investigators Guide, which is the book to hand to your Domesday players to read.

Chapter One provides them with information regarding character generation, explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each trait and career. It then moves on to explaining the basics of the rules system (without all the heavy information the Gm requires) and also handling social situations in game. The armour and weapons of the era are then described, followed by magick and the Maelstrom and religion.

Chapter Two concerns itself with Life in 1086, which is 20 years after the Norman conquest of England. It provides a brief history of England, then talks about its governance and law (but not the laws themselves). Nice details regarding the villages, towns and houses are given including some nice drawings of places such as York. Each of the main crafts is then described, as well as clothing, entertainment, family and education. It explains about travel and trade and gives a great list of average prices for food, drink and wares.

Each of the races of Englishmen are briefly described (the Welsh etc) and finally the guide talks about medicine, the supernatural (a big part of Maelstrom Domesday) and the church and religion. There's also a very good glossary of terms at the back.

This book is a superb addition to the Core Rulebook and means the players can look up information without grabbing the GM book and learning things they maybe shouldn't.

The drawings are simple line art, but this suits the genre quite well I feel. It is written in a very "friendly" and logical way. The guide does not assume knowledge of the era but doesn't dumb things down either.

This is well worth purchasing alongside the core rulebook.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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