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Princess Lucinda Graphic Novel- Book 1 : Black Rose of the Empire $19.99 $3.99
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Princess Lucinda Graphic Novel- Book 1 : Black Rose of the Empire
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Princess Lucinda Graphic Novel- Book 1 : Black Rose of the Empire
Publisher: Channel M Publishing
by Christopher S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/03/2013 13:01:31

Are you tired of fairy tales with the clichè goody goody Princess who is just a helpless damsel in distress in need of being saved by a knight in shining armor? Then this graphic novel is perfect for you! Meet Lucinda Nightbane, the 12-year-old Princess, whose parents rule over an Empire of 12 worlds with an iron fist. In contrast to the standard Princess, Lucinda is clever, ruthless, and more than capable of fending for herself. She doesnt need a hero to save her, because she has immense magic powers and she isnt afraid to use them against everyone who attacks, insults or in any other form is rude to her (and since she is the High Princess of a whole universe and sees everyone that doesn`t belong to her family as a lowly servant, being rude to her might even include crossing her ways when she is in a bad mood).

Now, its important to note that Lucinda is, in a way, a little evil. She is portrayed as being cruel on a whim and quite self-centered and the rebels who attack her kingdom, the antagonists, are actually trying to free the empire from the evil tyrant family. In any other work of fiction, they might be the good guys, the heroes. But this story is more original than that. Lucinda, who may sound unysmpathetic at first, is actually a great, original character. Shes fun to watch, imaginative in the use of her powers (she prefers permanently transforming her unfortunate victims into all kinds of things, from insects to ice cream) and you can`t help but feel for her when she SPOILER ALERT has to watch her parents die in front of her.

This first issue of what will be a three part series deals with her backstory and how she is forced to move to earth, which she describes as a "small, backwards world in a dung heap of a universe, filled with hairless apes".

I recommand this graphic novel to everyone who would enjoy a twisted version of a fairy tale and is a fan of dark humor. Lucinda is an awesome character, worthy of her own movie or television show, and her story is simply epic.

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