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Cliffside Manor: The World's Coziest Little Haunted Hotel
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/16/2013 12:17:05

This is an interesting concept, a genuine Level-0 adventure that begins with the characters as 'ordinary' people with none of the special abilities or equipment of an adventuring class... but ends up with them fully-equipped and ready to begin a career as adventurers.

The premise is simple. For whatever reason, they are travelling and have stopped for the night in a place that is a lot more than your average inn.

To facilitate the party becoming adventurers, the place is seeded with the items that they need - instruments for bards, spellbooks for wizards and so on. By ensuring that the characters are created in advance, you can know what is needed and make sure it is there: the effect if handled well can be like them having the best Christmas ever with all the stuff they really want turning up!

Layout is basic, nothing more than word-processed, but it is clear with the information you will need to hand in the appropriate place, including monster stats, NPC reactions and so on.

It's a neat idea and well-executed. I once played a homebrew game a bit like this and it was rather fun. Worth a go, for new players or for ones who'd like to try something a bit different when starting off a new party of characters.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Cliffside Manor: The World's Coziest Little Haunted Hotel
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