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Slave to Marshmallows
by John P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/05/2013 01:46:20

What if Stalin was the Dictator of Candyland?

This weird and whimsical tale toggles between cutesy and creepy like; a Steampunk Strawberry Shortcake baking in a sweatshop, or My Little Ponies yoked and pulling carts of lumber, or Smurfs caste as indentured servants.

Slave to Marshmellows is told in a stream-of-consciousness "Alice in Wonderland"-esque style. The story revolves around Pumpkin, an oppressed line-operation in a candy factory. She is surrounded all day by delicious confections but the job kind of sucks as she is forced to meet production quotas under the crack of a whip. In a way it's kind of a "I hate my job" escapist fantasy crafted for those disillusioned upon discovering a dream job isn't what they imagined, with a creamy satirical center adding flavor to each bite.

Eventually Pumpkin escapes and assembles a band of misfits who go on an airship adventure. They are searching for a magical solution to heal their poisoned ideals. Along the way they encounter many colorful characters as they explore a Pepperland-like dreamscape of discovery. They find; Witches, Magic Potions, Flying Trains, an Annie Oakley-like Crack-shot, Fire Breathing Camels, Berries and Blowtorches, A Kitchen Sink, Synthetic Trees and Exotic Animals, Robots, Lumberjacks, Inventors, Chemists, and a Chocolate Gun.

There are many "out of the frying pan into the fire" moments including a surly sea monster attack and an intense and poignant supernatural finale.

If you enjoyed "Edward Scissorhands", "Twice Upon A Time", Shane Ackers' "9" or "Yellowsubmarine" you may want to a taste of this delicious steampunk marshmallow treat. Just remember, it's made with sugar, spice and everything up to 23 child labor law violations.

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Slave to Marshmallows
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