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Murder Most Foul
by Michael I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2022 14:10:00

Keep in mind this review is based on a read-through only. It may play just find but I find the idea of an rpg with scoring to be a little bizarre. I also find the concept of attempting to murder each other at a dinner party to not be a little disconcerting. The truly awful rule that ruins the game is that the accused player is the loser. This rule is rife with the worst sort of social deduction game issues where players can be targeted (and / or framed) for no other reason than to get them to lose. This game seems like it may kick up enough interpersonal drama amongst family or friends to avoid playing but it may be fun in practice.

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Murder Most Foul
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Creator Reply:
With regards to the rule where the accused player loses, keep in mind that if that player did not actually commit the murder, then the detective (the person doing the accusing) also loses. It's there as an incentive not to get caught - otherwise, why not just commit the murder in broad daylight, with everyone watching?
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