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The Pretty Red Flower, with a Single Thorn
by Maria M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2012 01:42:52

Even though the book has 71 colorful pages (or 35 spreads, since all pages are designed to be read as spreads), it doesn't look like it's taken a lot of effort from the author. Images lack details that children love to feed eyes upon. The style is that of a young artist-in-training, and it doesn't look like it's deliberate (but I have to note the beautiful flower). The story doesn't follow traditional structure, or any structure. The chosen font is similar to hand writing and is not easy to read by a child (and sometimes it's lost on a darker background).

If it's a first children book of an emerging author, it shouldn't cost $11. For this price, I recommend "Verdi" by Janell Cannon as a story about accepting yourself.

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The Pretty Red Flower, with a Single Thorn
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Creator Reply:
Well Maria, sorry you disliked the story. I think the primary issue is the target audience is for children, therefore children would enjoy it a bit more than an adult. Although the book recently got a professional review and it was all completely positive, conflicting just about everything you said, from the fonts being clear to read, to the art being professional (you can review it for yourself here): Also even though the font is bold, and in black (readable to a young child) its more charming when the parent reads to the child in for any bedtime tale. As for the cost of $11.00 the book with go up for print shortly on here. But regardless you cannot complain as you got the book for free without charge (I set it that way for the professional reviewers to get a copy for a day).
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