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A Tea House in Sobriquet
by Curse o. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/17/2019 22:02:56

This first part of The Once-Wicked Ones, a dark fantasy serial novella, has a deep, rich flavour steeped in the imagination of an author who knows the precise heft and aroma of each word; the blend and balance of detail and intrigue.

I have come away from listening to the perfectly produced and arresting audio book entranced and enchanted by the delicate and disarming trills of guitar and the deliberate dulcet intonation of Angela McCain that match the bittersweet cinnamon sticks and bergamot laced tea leaves of Warren’s words.

I had been meaning to listen for since picking this up on the release day, but tonight when sleep was not going to surrender easily and my chronic pain was raking its talons down my spine, was the perfect moment to listen to this. I took my glasses off, placed my headphones on, shut my eyes and was transported to somewhere so tangible and familiar yet so intoxicating and wondrous, where magic and meaning drifted lazily from sweet incense, entwined with the sweeter steam from a copper kettle. I was truly taken away from everything mundane by this first part of a tale I absolutely need to witness unfold.

Every element is heady and aromatic with patterns, names and orders of power that seem to sit of the precipice of great change. I will remain taught as the meniscus on a scolding tea waiting for the following parts of this story to cool enough to drink.

The entire presentation of the PDF and production of the audio book are fantastic, and this truly is a story and world I have bought thoroughly into.

I cannot thank Warren enough for this tea break from the discomfort of mundanity and I truly cannot wait to hear more of take.

It somehow seems a crime that something some wonderful and professionally produced should be on offer at such a low price.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
A Tea House in Sobriquet
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