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Customer Newsletter for 01/23/2022

New Year, New Books and more!

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Happy New Year Readers,

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Free eBook of the Week

Free weekly productPulp Adventures 1: Wrath of the Volcano God
by Fantanomicon Press

It's a race for the ruby on an island of danger and death!

Legend says that somewhere on TiaganuIsland, in a temple carved from stone, rests a massive ruby known as the Heart of Tiki-Taki, the Volcano God.  Financed by a wealthy benefactor, MarshallUniversity sends an expedition to confirm this legend.  

An uneasy alliance is broken by betrayal!  Now, Lewis Clark and the archaeological team from the University must find the fabled Heart of the Volcano God before their bitter rival, the greedy Professor Everard Carlsbad.  

The plane is disabled.  The animals are voracious.  The natives are restless.  The jungle itself is eager to swallow them whole.  Can they find the Heart before the traitorous Professor and his brutish lackey?  Will they escape the island?

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Dead Fish Wind by Cooper Levey-Baker

Dead Fish WindDead Fish Wind

Cicely has got problems. Stuck working a crappy job to take care of her deadbeat father, she’s living just a step above homelessness in a town ruled by a remote, affluent elite and stricken with a catastrophic outbreak of red tide.

But then Cicely makes a friend, perhaps her first, and she starts dreaming of a way out of her predicament. It’s a scheme that involves stolen placentas and a dangerous outlaw doula that leads to a confrontation with the malignant forces around her and the mother who abandoned her as a child.

In this grim, comic debut novel, author Cooper Levey-Baker tells a bizarre coming-of-age story in prose that is lyrical, gross, tragic, goofy, and maybe even a bit tender.

Cooper Levey-Baker is a writer and journalist. His fiction has appeared in the Sierra Nevada Review and Burrow Press’s Fantastic Floridas series, and his journalism has won multiple awards from the Florida Magazine Association and the Florida Society of Professional Journalists.


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Featured Tales!

Featured Title

An Exquisite Corpse: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Anthology
by Onyx Path Publishing


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Featured Title

False Stars and Writhing Night
by Samuel Fleming


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Featured Title

The Magician
by Untreed Reads Publishing


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekSword in the Throne
by Helen Savore

Merlin knew Arthur would return, but at what cost?

Jamie, a med school drop out, discovers his hallucinations are fae spirits stealing life. His childhood friend has spent her life in a quest to summon the Phoenix in order to banish the fae. He joins her, but along the way accidentally unlocks a traitor’s healing ability, who in turn uses it as a sign to prove he is King Arthur returned.

In order to oppose this false Arthur, and still hunting the Phoenix, they ally with a sect of Faerie Smiths. Amid navigating an unfamiliar world of new creatures and capabilities Jamie must learn to craft his own healing magic into a weapon. But can they stop the impostor Arthur’s crusade when the one thing they need most to stop the fae is the most sure sign of Arthur’s return itself… to draw the Sword from the Throne.


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