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DriveThruRPG Library App

This app allows you to easily sync your Library to your compatible device.

Mac Client Version
Requires macOS version 10.15 (Catalina) or higher.
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Installation Instructions

  1. Download then double click the installation file
  2. Drag the DriveThruRPG icon to the Application Folder icon
  3. Once the copying progress bar is done the app is installed.
  4. You may have a disk drive icon labelled DriveThruRPG on your desktop even after installation is complete.
    You do not need to keep it to run the app, right click and select eject to remove it.
  5. To begin using the app go to your applications folder and click the DriveThruRPG icon
  6. On your first launch of the app you may get a pop up like this since this is downloaded from a website. Just click on open to continue.
  • The client can sync your entire Library to your computer with all files organized in folders by publisher.
  • Automatically keep you up to date. When you run a Library sync in the client it downloads new files for any titles that publishers have updated since your last download.
  • Sort your Library by rule system in the client. Click to Open any file in your favorite viewer.
  • The client gets files you've purchased at any OneBookShelf site including DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, WargameVault, DMsGuild, DriveThru Comics, DriveThruFiction, and more.

More Information and FAQ

If you encounter any trouble during installation, some information is available in our Client Help page.
If you have any feedback about our Library Client please use the contact us button or suggestion box below.



Released: February 22, 2024
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue preventing removal of titles from some Collections.


Released: February 20, 2024
There's a lot we fixed under the hood with this one, to make the app more stable!
  • Bugfix: Fixes to make built-in PDF viewer more stable, and fixes for blurry text.
  • Bugfix: Fixed various instances of hash error messages. As one example, "hash not found" error.
  • Fixes for application freezing on load.
  • Fix for application lagging on search input.
  • Updates to localization/translation.
  • The ubiquitious: Various other small bugfixes and performance improvements.


Released: June 26th, 2022
  • New feature, based on user feedback: Collections! Now you can create custom groupings of your library titles. For example, you could make a "Friday Night Game" Collection that contains all of the books needed for the game you're running on Friday nights. This is synced across your devices, so if you create a Collection on your computer and add some titles to it, that will be reflected on your tablet too (after a refresh).
  • Internationalization: Now you can change which language you want the app to be displayed in, via the Settings menu.
  • When in filtered view, "Select all" now only selects items shown, not all items in library.
  • Various small bugfixes (e.g. no longer treats local 0-byte files incorrectly).


August 31, 2021

  • Optimized memory usage.
  • Fixed visual wiggle issue with PDF viewer scrolling after opening table of contents.
  • "Fit to page" view no longer extends under table of contents if it is open.


August 11, 2021
  • We've added the beta version of an in-app PDF reader! That's right: you no longer have to open a separate application to read PDFs.
  • In-app update notes. After this update, when there's a new update available, you can see what the new features are right from within the app.
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Note: We have not yet tested this version on an M1 processor. If your Mac has an M1 processor, please use the Contact Us link to let us know whether this new version works for you or not.


January 5, 2021
  • We have added a scrollbar in the main view. You asked for it, we added it!
  • Performance enhancement for file matching. Local library folders with many files took a long time to parse. Now, after the initial pass, subsequent checks to match library files with files on disk should be much faster.
  • You can now download files even while a sync operation is in progress.
  • Changed various bits of wording for clarity.


October 5, 2020
  • Completely new UI!
  • Added ability to show only titles with updated files available.
  • Fixed several bugs related to file hash matching.
  • Now files for a given title are put into that title’s own subdirectory, to prevent file collisions (e.g. when multiple titles from a same publisher include a file with the same name).
  • Reminder: after initial download, you can move your files around anywhere within the app’s download folder, and the app will keep track of where you’ve moved them.


March 19, 2018
  • Initial macOS Release

Also Coming for More Operating Systems

  • Linux Logo

We'd Love Your Feedback

Have a suggestion for improving the client? Spot a bug we need to fix? Please tell us about it here:


Legal Stuff

This application uses the LGPL-licensed version of the framework (source code available here). This application itself is not LGPL-licensed, but because we use this library, you are free to link to a modified version of it if you please. This also requires us to provide the text of the LGPL 3.0 license, shown below (or click here).