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Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Steven E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/16/2009 12:43:55

As a long time Doctor Who fan and owner of the two previously published Who RPGs (Timelord and the FASA product), I was looking forward to Cubicle 7s effort- new series, new RPG!

Overall the production value is high- lots of color, lots of photos from the new series. Very snazzy and wonderful to flip through.

The system is a pretty basic, straightforward one- not very complex at all and generally appears to be more story than character driven. Would be a great casual RPG for newbies.

But it wasn't so much what the game included than what it DID NOT include or really mention: the various regenerations of The Doctor, his companions over the years and even some of the better villians from the series long history. It is like Doctor Who started with the 9th Regeneration and Rose with nothing prior to that given much mention at all!

No Jamie or Zoe, no Romana, no Peri, no Ace.... no Ice Warriors, no Zygons, no mention of earlier varieties of Cybermen or Daleks.... none, nada, zip!

If you're a long time fan, these omissions are just glaringly bad. If you just started watching the new series, this is a great product. But frankly I am disappointed- the FASA product and Timelord did a much better job of capturing the WHOLE of Doctor Who, no just the recent adventures and that is a shame.

FYI- Get your copies now! The David Tennant branded product (if rumor is correct) is going to be swapped with the new Doctor, Matt Smith, after this print run.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
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